• Why Buy A Used Car?

Why Buy A Used Car?

  • Published: 24 June 2019

Save money

Save MoneyIt’s a given that second-hand cars are cheaper, so you could squeeze something a little fancier out of your budget or use the money you saved for something else. (Trip to the Maldives, anyone?)

Slower depreciation

Cars can lose up to 50% of their value within their first three years! Second-hand cars have a lower rate of depreciation, so your car wouldn’t decrease in value nearly as quickly as a brand-new car.

Good quality

Second-hand doesn’t mean bad quality! At St Michaels Garage, we pride ourselves on selling low-mileage, nearly-new cars that are in great condition. Plus, our cars undergo a full service (if required) and are prepared to a very high standard – they’re almost as good as new.

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